portalapizeros de colores

Step 1 / Material

Thick glasses or glass vases, 2 packs each of FIMO soft in the colours transparent blue (374), transparent white (014) and brilliant blue (33), 1 pack each of FIMO soft peppermint (39) and transparent orange (404) and 3 packs of FIMO soft Windsor blue (35).

1 tile or glass plate to work on, 1 craft knife, 1 roller.

Step 2


You don’t make the canes in the tiny size later to be seen on the glass, but in a size that is easier to work with.

They are made smaller after you have finished putting your flower cane together using the roller – i.e. by making the diameter of the cane itself smaller, the flower in the middle automatically becomes smaller too.

As can be seen in this illustration, each flower is made up of a number of equally long components: petals, flower centre and background.

To make the petals, wrap one thin layer each of FIMO in blue and white 2/3 of the way around a peppermint-coloured cane.

Our example is made using four petal canes, i.e. you need to make 4 of the canes as described above.

For the centre of the flower, you need to make a cane with a diameter that all 4 petal canes can fit around.

First make an orange cane and then wrap a thin layer of royal blue around it.

In order to ensure that the petals keep their shape when cut or rolled out, it is important that the gaps in-between the petal canes are filled.

This is done using wedges.

The colour of the wedges will later be the background colour of your millefiori glass.

Make a royal blue cane and then cut it lengthwise into 4 pieces.

(If you want more petals, you’ll need to make more background wedges and will need to split the cane more often.)

Step 3

This illustration shows how the four petal canes are arranged around the centre cane.

You can see the royal blue, wedge-shaped gap-fillers between the petals.

To finish off the millefiori cane, wrap a thin layer of royal blue all the way around it.

Now roll out this cane on your work surface until the size of the flower in the cane is as desired.

You can, of course, make different-sized flowers from this cane by interrupting your work process, cutting a piece off your cane and putting it aside and then continuing to roll the out the rest of the original cane etc. …

Step 4

In the same way, you can, of course, make a whole variety of different petals (see illustration).

Now cut thin slices off the finished canes and arrange them on your glass (trying not to leave any gaps) until the surface is completely covered.

Finally, go over the entire FIMO surface using a roller to make sure it’s smooth.

Cut off any overlapping pieces around the edges of the glass using the cutter.

Step 5

To harden, place the glass in a pre-heated oven for 20-30 minutes at

In order to avoid overheating, use an oven thermometer to check the actual oven temperature.



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