porta cds

CD and mobile phone stands

2 packs of yellow FIMO soft (16), 1 pack each of FIMO soft in the colours cognac (76) and black (9), 1 modelling stick, one transparent sleeve or glass plate to work on and 2 springs. If you don’t have a spring, you could wrap a piece of thick zinc wire around a postal tube.
Mobile phone stand – step 1

To make a mobile phone stand, form 4 equal-sized balls, 2 giraffe ears and 1 thin sausage for the giraffe’s tail out of the yellow FIMO soft. Then make another sausage approx. 7 mm in diameter using the cognac-coloured FIMO soft. Cut lots of thin slices off this sausage using a knife or modelling stick – these are for the giraffe’s spots. Place them on the yellow balls, tail and ears and then smooth over using your fingers.
Step 2

Add a cognac-coloured tuft to the end of the tail and make a grooved pattern on it using the modelling stick. Shape 2 horns for the giraffe using the cognac-coloured FIMO soft.
Step 3

Attach one of the equal-sized balls to the bottom end of the spiral.
Step 4

Make a dent in the other 3 balls using the modelling stick or knife and then attach to the base of the spring.  Smooth over the dents using the modelling stick so that the spring is no longer visible. The 4 balls should be positioned to look like two front and two back feet. Now attach the tail to the spiral using the same technique, positioning it between the two back feet.
Step 5

The brown horns and spotted ears also need to be given a dent using the knife or modelling stick so that they too can be attached to the spiral.
Step 6

Attach the small giraffe horns and ears to the top spiral, positioning them parallel to the front feet. Smooth over the dents like before using the modelling stick so that the wire is no longer visible. Your mobile phone stand is now almost finished. To finish it off, place it in a pre-heated oven for 30 minutes at 110°C to harden.
CD stand

You make the CD stand in exactly the same way. The only difference is that instead of giving the FIMO parts a giraffe pattern, you give them leopard spots using black and cognac. Have fun modelling!
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