las flores más bonitas

Test-tube vases

FIMO soft in the colours tangerine (42), brilliant blue (33), apple green (50), purple (61), yellow (16) and cherry red (26), FIMO water-based gloss varnish, 4 test tubes, 1 roll of fine silver wire, 1 modelling stick, sheet of film or glass plate to work on.

You will also need a rubber roller and a round-shaped pencil for rolling out the FIMO and a kitchen knife for cutting with.

Step 1

Take one colour of FIMO soft and roll it out to a 5 mm thick sheet.

Cut a flower, heart or star shape out of it.

You may find it useful to use a baking cutter.

Step 2

Choose a second FIMO soft colour to make the decorative elements with (dots, spirals, stripes, leaf shapes, etc.).

Make these decorative bits as flat as possible.

Arrange them on your cut-out shape and roll over them using a round-shaped pencil.

Then, using the top end of the test tube, make a round hole in the middle of your flower, star or heart.

Step 3

Wrap a piece of silver wire around the test tube.
Step 4

In the same colour as your decorative elements, roll the FIMO into a ball and press the bottom end of the test tube into it.

This is the base of your vase.

Then push the already prepared FIMO shape over the test tube at a slant.

Do the same with the silver wire you have already twisted into shape.

At the top end of the wire, attach a mini-sized version of your main shape (star, flower or heart).

This also needs to have been cut out of a 5 mm thick sheet of FIMO.

Step 5

To harden, place your FIMO vase in a pre-heated oven for 30 minutes at


Step 6

After they have been hardened and have cooled down, the FIMO parts are then lacquered using FIMO gloss varnish.

This makes the colours even more colour-intensive.

This creative tip is also available as a creative set.

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  1. muy ermosas esas flores preciosas cccccchhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooooooo


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